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A proposal for a hull mounted multibeam sonar and subbottom profiler on the icebreaker Oden for marine geoscientific research in the Arctic Ocean
Period: 1/1/07 - 12/31/07
The past 50 years have seen remarkable technological advancements in the field of geophysical seafloor mapping. The development of the multibeam bathymetric sonar represents one major breakthrough and the chirp subbottom profiler another. Multibeam mapping involves the use of many simultaneous ...
Arctic Ocean bottom temperatures and bathymetry: Critical parameters for Earth system feedback studies
Period: 1/1/13 - 12/31/17
Detta projekt syftar till att undersöka två kritiska parametrar för studier av klimatets återkopplingsmekanismer i Arktis under den senaste istidscykeln: Arktiska oceanens bottenvattentemperaturer och bottentopografi. Projektet bygger på analyser av befintliga sedimentkärnor som tagits från den ...
History of, and mechanisms leading to, post-LGM retreat of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
Period: 1/1/09 - 12/31/10
The proposed project calls for an investigation of mechanisms that led to the retreat of the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) from the Antarctic continental shelf since the Last Glacial Maximum. These potential mechanisms include sea level rise, thinning due to rapid ice stream discharge, ...
Linnaeus Grant: Climate evolution, variability and sensitivity
Period: 1/1/06 - 12/31/12
The overarching aim of this proposal, comprising 26 scientists at four departments, is to further develop climate research at Stockholm University (SU), into a coherent cutting-edge environment consistently operating at the forefront of science. The research will be organized in five ...
Research School for Teachers focusing on Natural Hazards
Period: 1/1/11 - 12/31/14
Syftet med ansökningen är att etablera en forskarskola för lärare verksamma inom utbildningsämnerna NO, NK och geografi med inriktning naturkatastrofer. Forskarskolan kommer att erbjuda lärare möjligheten att delta i pågående forskning om jordbävningar, tsunamis, vulkanism och jordskred. Målet är ...
Swedish –Russian – US Arctic Ocean Investigation of Climate-Cryosphere-Carbon Interactions – The SWERUS-C3 Program –
Period: 4/1/13 - 6/30/17
SWERUS-C3 is a multi-disciplinary program with base funding supported from by the Swedish Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (KAW) aiming to investigate the linkages between Climate, Cryosphere (here: sea ice and coastal permafrost) and Carbon release from the sediment, with addition of ...
The Arctic Ocean pleistocene evolution of sea ice, ice sheets and ocean circulation
Period: 1/1/09 - 12/31/11
This project aims to decipher the Arctic Ocean evolution of sea ice, ice sheets, and ocean circulation that comprise key components of the climate system. The project is built on an extensive geological, geophysical and oceanographic data set collected during the two icebreaker expeditions ...