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Principles for the cooperation in criminal matters within the European Union – Building an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
Project leader: Prof Petter Asp
Period: 1/1/11
Projektet syftar till att utveckla grundläggande principer för det straffprocessuella samarbetet inom EU samt att - mot bakgrund av ett sedan tidigare publicerat principdokument avseende materiell straffrätt (A Manifesto for European Criminal Law) - granska utvecklingen av EU-samarbetet på området ...
Sexual crimes – in Legal Dogmatics, Public Debate and Theory
Project leader: Prof Petter Asp
Period: 1/1/08 - 12/31/11
This project focuses on sex crimes in Swedish criminal law. It aims to combine a legal dogmatic study of the central sexual offences under the Swedish criminal code with an analysis of the public debate in the area, in a way that can be fruitful for both the legal and the political debate on sex ...
Sexualbrotten i ett rättsdogmatiskt perspektiv
Project leader: Prof Petter Asp
XIV Nordiska Workshopen i straffrätt
Project leader: Prof Petter Asp