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Changing Permafrost in the Arctic and its Global Effects in the 21st Century
Period: 1/1/11 - 10/31/15
Permafrost is defined as ground that remains continuously at or below 0°C for at least two consecutive years; some 24% ofthe land surface in the northern Hemisphere is classified as permafrost. In the Northern high latitudes, strong warming hasbeen observed over the recent decades, and climate ...
DEFROST Nordic Centre of Excellence
Period: 11/1/10 - 10/31/15
The recent years have seen a number of dramatic changes in the Arctic cryosphere. Some of these changes have exceeded the most aggressive projections, such as the record melt of sea ice in summer 2007, the major melt off around the edges of the Greenland Ice Sheet and extensive and previously ...
ERA-net: Long Term Carbon Storage in Cryoturbated Arctic Soils
Period: 1/1/09 - 12/31/11
Soil organic carbon (SOC) stored in the permafrost of the Arctic is one of the largest carbon reservoirs globally and is vulnerable to climate change. Despite its undisputed importance, the amount of arctic SOC remains ambiguous and poorly constrained. A significant proportion of this SOC is stored ...
Glacial Epoch Permafrost Carbon Pools and Fluxes: An approach combining new modeling and terrain-based reconstructions to improve knowledge of future changes
Period: 2/1/13 - 12/31/16
Glacial Epoch Permafrost Carbon Pools and Fluxes: An approach combining new modelling and terrain-based reconstructions to improve knowledge of future changes Gas bubbles trapped in the long ice cores drilled on Antarctica have shown that there has been a consistent rapid increase of about 100 ppmv ...
Global implications of arctic climate processes and feedbacks
Period: 10/1/03 - 10/31/05
The target is to better identify and model the key processes of the climate system, including natural variability, than has been done so far using coarse resolution Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation Models. This will be carried out by a better description of physical processes in the coupled ...
Landscape patterns of soil organic matter quantity and liability in permafrost terrain
Period: 1/1/06 - 12/31/08
This project aims at assessing spatial patterns of soil organic matter (SOM) allocation in permafrost terrain of Central Canada and Northeast European Russia. The term soil is used here in its broadest sense to include both upland soils and peat deposits. The study will particularly focus on SOM ...
Quantifying the Carbon budget in Northern Russia: past, present and future
Period: 11/1/06 - 4/30/10
CARBO-North aims at quantifying the carbon budget in Northern Russia across temporal and spatial scales. Activities address rates of ecosystem change, effects on the carbon budget (radiative forcing), and global climate and policy implications (Kyoto). Recent research on the impacts of climate ...