Dr Paula Mählck
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Organisation: Department of Education
Phone: +46 8 1207 6391
E-Mail: paula.mahlck@edu.su.se
Website: http://www.edu.su.se
Department of Education, Stockholm University
S-106 91 Stockholm

Paula Mählck completed her PhD dissertation on Gender in Higher education at the department of Sociology, Umeå University, Sweden in 2003 “Mapping Gender in academic workplaces: Ways of reproducing gender inequality within the discourse of equality”. Since then she has expanded her research to also studying multidimensional patterns of exclusion/ discrimination focusing particularly on the mutual constitution of gendered and racialised structures of inequality in higher education and in research policy. 

She has been a guest researcher at the African Gender Institute (AGI), University of Cape Town and a visiting PhD student at the Bob Hawke research institute, University of South Australia. She is currently working as a researcher and Lecturer at the Department of Education, Stockholm University in Sweden. Her teaching has mainly been within the fields of Sociology, Sociology of science and critical race studies in Education. 
She has been involved in several international and comparative research projects on globalisation of work relations in academia and in other workplaces, transnational academic mobility and inequality in academic recruitment from the perspective of gender and race. She was the PI of the project “Research Policy and Research practice in the global knowledge economy” (VR/UVK2011-2012). 
Together with scholars from Uppsala University and The Royal Institute of Technology Paula Mählck organise CRISMOS; Critical Studies in Mobility Seminar Series: (http://www.edu.su.se/forskning/forskningsseminarier

Publications: Peer Review articles (*equal authorship) 
*P Mählck and O Persson (2000), Socio-bibliometric Interactions within University Departments, (2000). Scientometrics Vol 49, No 1 81-91.
P Mählck (2001), Mapping Gender Differences in Scientific Careers in Social and Bibliometric Space. Science, Technology & Human Values. Journal of the Society for Social Studies of Science. Vol 26. Nr 2 167-191.
P Mählck (2004), The symbolic order of gender in academic workplaces; ways of reproducing gender inequality within the discourse of equality, Ethnologia Europea 34:1 81-96. 
N. Räthzel, I. Molina, D. Mulinari, A. Tollefsen & P. Mählck (2008), Unvollendete Transformationen: Widerstreitende Zugehörigkeiten, aufbrechende Geschlechterverhältnisse, Stadt-land-Bzeiehungen. [Uncompleted transformations: fractured belongings, shifting gender relations, and urban-rural ambiguities within the workforce of a European transnational corporation in Mexico]. (Forum Kritische Psychologie. 52 p 29-52 Berlin: Argument Verlag 
*P Mählck and B Thaver (2010), Dialogue on Gender and Race Equality. Conversations between Sweden and South Africa, Equality, diversity and inclusion. An international Journal (formerly Equal Opportunities International). Vol 29, no 1 p23-37 
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P Mählck (2012), Forskningsprofiliering, differentiering och excellens: Om kön, tystnad och performativa vithetshandlingar. [Research Policy as a performativ act of whiteness. Research excellence, differentiation and gender ], Tidskrift för Genusvetenskap nr 1-2.p 25-48 
P. Mählck. (2013) Academic Women in the global knowledge economy: bodies hierarchies and resistance. Women’s studies International Forum. 36 (2013) 65–74 
*M. Fellesson and P. Mählck (2013) Academics on the move: Mobility and Institutional Change in the Swedish development Support to research Capacity building in Mozambique, Current African issues, no 55.p 3-103 

 P Mählck (2003), Mapping Gender in Academic Workplaces: Ways of reproducing gender inequality within the discourse of equality, Doctoral thesis at the Department of Sociology, No 33 SE- 901 87, Umeå University, Sweden, (Second edition 2008 VDM) 

Edited Journal: 
P Mählck och M Carbin (eds) Akademins villkor. Temanummer om forskningspolitik (2012) Tidskrift för Genusvetenskap nr 1-2 (2012). 

Other publications (book chapters and reports) :
 *P Mählck and Peder Karlsson (2003), Subject-positions; from maps to narratives in Swedish academic workplaces, Dept. of Sociology, Umeå University S-901 87 in Mapping Gender in Academic workplaces: Ways of reproducing gender inequality within the discourse of equality, (2003) P Mählck Doctoral thesis at the Department of Sociology, No 33 SE- 901 87, Umeå University, Sweden. 
P Mählck (2006), Thams forskarassistenttjänster. En forskningspolitisk jämställdhetssatsning inom akademin. [Thams Assistant Research Services. A research policy equality venture in academia] In Vad hände sen ? Långsiktiga effekter av jämställdhetssatsningar under 80- 90- talen (eds) Elisabeth Sundin and Ulla Göransson, VINNOVA rapport 08 pp 201-219. 
P Mählck (2009), Bodies at work in Volvo plants in Sweden and South Africa, in Body Politics and Women’s Experiences ed A Schlyter, Sida Studies.pp 48-56 
P Mählck (2009), Embodying Global division of labour: reflections from Sweden and South Africa. Centrum med många riktningar, en vänbok till Gunilla Bjerén, Centrum för genusstudier, skriftserie (43) Stockholms Universitet, www.erg.su.se pp 103-113 
P Mählck (2012), Situating Swedish research policy landscape in the global knowledge economy. Centre for Gender Excellence at Linköping University. Work in Progress Report Series Vol X. No 14 P 
P Mählck (2012), Akademins Villkor [Academic Requirements],emins Villkor p 3-5, in Akademins villkor pp. 3-5, in Akademins villkor. Ed text in Akademins Villkor, Tidskrift för genusvetenskap 1-2 (2012). 
*P Mählck and Fellesson M (2014) Kunskapspolitikens blinda fläck- rasifieringes grammatik i akademin. i antologin ” Att bryta innanförskapet: kritiska perspektiv på jämställdhet och mångfald i akademin, ”, Makadam förlag. (Red) Kerstin Sandell p 173-196 
*T. Hubinette and P Mählck. The Racial Grammar of Swedish Higher Education and Research Policy: The Limits and Conditions of Researching Race in a Colour-Blind Context. In (eds) R. Andreassen and K. Vitus. Affectivity and Race Formations. A Nordic Case Study. Ashgate (In printing) spring 2015.

Peer-reviewedconference papers (selection): 
Mählck P and Fellesson M (2014) Bodies as discursive geographies: academic mobility at the intersection of development aid and research policy. Nordic Migration Research, Copenhagen, 13-15th August 
Mählck P and Fellesson M (2013) Academic mobility at the intersection of development aid and research policy: Mobility and Career Development of Ph.D. Graduates in the Swedish Development Support to Research Capacity Building in Mozambique 1990 – 2013 Panel: Global relations re-cast in the Nordic context: Academic mobility and career development of Ph.D. graduates and students in Sweden, Norway and Finland, (Mählck, P . Panel Organizer) Conference : SRHE, British Society for Research into Higher Education. 
PMählck (2011),Interrogating the globalknowledge economy: Equityimplications in the Swedish HE and research landscape. Paperpresented at the International ResearchConference atSödertörn University. MählckP with Pringle K, (2010),Shifts in Swedishhighereducation and research policy in the globalresearch economy.Paperpresented atthe Society for Research inHigherEducation in the UK (www.SRHE.se). 

Popular science articles: 
Fellesson M and Mählck P. Var tog utvecklingstanken vägen ? Debatt artikel, Uppsala Nya tidning. 2013.09.09
 P. Mählck (2005), Makt och kön i högre utbildning. [Power and Gender in Higher Education] Deplhi, Mälardalen University internal magazine No. 2 2005.

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Excellence, meritocracy and equality in academia – the importance of gender and ethnic background in grant decisions to excellent research environments and in decisions about professor appointments
Period: 1/1/14 - 12/31/16
There are signs of discrimination against women academics in Sweden, despite a positive approach to gender equality. Ethnic discrimination also occurs in the labour market, but there is a lack of scientific studies regarding academics with migrant backgrounds. It is important both from an equality ...
Grounding Globalisation – The everyday lives of workers today. An extended case study of Volvo employees in Europe, Africa, and Latin America
Period: 1/1/05 - 12/31/07
För att överbrygga gapet mellan empirisk forskning som inte inkluderar globala sammanhang och teoribildning som saknar empirisk grund vill vi i detta forskningsprojekt studera vardagslivet för anställda på Volvofabriker i Sverige, Latinamerika (Chile, Argentina, Mexiko) och Afrika (Botswana). Hur ...
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