Prof Johan Nilsson
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Swedish –Russian – US Arctic Ocean Investigation of Climate-Cryosphere-Carbon Interactions – The SWERUS-C3 Program –
Period: 4/1/13 - 6/30/17
SWERUS-C3 is a multi-disciplinary program with base funding supported from by the Swedish Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (KAW) aiming to investigate the linkages between Climate, Cryosphere (here: sea ice and coastal permafrost) and Carbon release from the sediment, with addition of ...
The ocean has sloping boundaries; and above lies the atmosphere
Period: 1/1/07 - 12/31/09
This project deals with atmosphere-ocean dynamics. An important new concept is that the contact between the oceanic stratification and the bottom has the capacity to create barotropic flows that can trace the depth contours around an entire ocean basin. This impies that the buoyancy distribution in ...