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Autonomous Energy Supply with Reversible Fuel Cell as Long-term Storage for PV Stand-alone Systems and Ininterruptible Power Supplies
Period: 10/1/02 - 9/30/06
This project develops the reversible fuel cells and brings it into applications for the first time worldwide. The combination of fuel cell and electrolyser in one stack allows a significant cost reduction in the components and the systems. Remote power supply systems for telecom and uninterruptible ...
Enhancing International Cooperation in running FP6 Hydrogen Solid Storage Activities
Period: 1/1/07 - 12/31/08
NESSHY is the only running FP6 IP dedicated to medium to long term R&D on hydrogen storage in solids. It is widely recognised that H2 storage is one of the major technical barriers to H2 and fuel cell deployment. The NESSHY consortium has committed itself to deepen collaboration with the IPHE ...
Forskning rörande metallhydridbatterier
Period: 1/1/08 - 12/31/08
High power hydrides for HEV batteries based on more available metals
Period: 1/1/13 - 12/31/16
We want to develop an understanding of the active surface layer of metal hydride particles in metal hydride electrodes. It will form the basis for a development of new surface treatments to improve high power performance and corrosion stability of existing materials. But more important is that we ...
Hydrogen storage in hydrides for safe energy systems
Period: 11/1/02 - 10/31/05
A major unresolved problem for the introduction of the 'Hydrogen Economy' and the extensive use of hydrogen as energy carrier is efficient and safe storage of hydrogen. High pressure compressed gas storage is energy intensive if high volume efficiency is desired, and liquid and solid hydrogen ...
Hydrogen Storage Research Training Network
Period: 1/1/05 - 12/31/08
HYTRAIN integrates the leading centres in Europe active in hydrogen storage research within a coherent framework of dedicated networking activities focused on the training of young researchers through a joint innovative research programme. The core research objectives of HYTRAIN are to: - propose ...
Metastabila magnesium- och aluminiumhydrider för vätelagring och intressanta elektrontransportfenomen
Period: 1/1/08 - 12/31/11
I det här projektet ska sökanden studera hur väteatomen fungerar när den växelverkar med ickelegerande metaller och hur man kan styra bildningen av de nya metallhydriderna som har vätelagringskapaciteter på över 6 wt% och kan användas i nya laddbara högkapacitetsbatterier för t. ex. el- och ...
Novel efficient solid storage for hydrogen
Period: 1/1/06 - 12/31/10
The proposed IP would drive forward the research and development of solid storage of hydrogen for vehicle propulsion and associated distribution functions. The proposed work programme will cover porous storage systems (particularly at reduced temperatures), regenerative hydrogen stores (such as the ...