Prof Gunnar Svensson
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Organisation: Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry
Phone: +46 8 164505
Mobile: +46 705 688361
Department of materials and environmental chemistry Stockholm University
10691 Stockholm

My research interests are transition metal oxides specially those which can be used as electrode materials in solid electrolyte fuel cells and batteries. I am interested in the synthesis and characterisation of such compounds. At the moment perovskite related iron based oxides are of certain interes, but also Prussian blue analogues For the structural characterisation of these a combination of transmission electron microscopy, X-ray powder diffraction and neutron diffraction is used. The magnetic and electronic transport properties are measured as well. Of course I am interested in other transition metal oxides as well. I am also interested in the structure and properties of various modifications of carbons.

Carbon is a fascinating element and its various polymorphs (fullerenes and graphene, graphite, diamond, numerous amorphous and mesoporous forms) provide a rich playground for fundamental and applied sciences. Important technological applications exist in many areas and their number is continuously growing. The research aims at new forms of carbon, "polyanionic carbides", from the high pressure treatment of acetylide carbides. Acetylides are salt-like carbides that contain C22- dumbbell anions isoelectronic to acetylene and cations of electropositive metals (alkali, alkaline earth, rare earth).. Similar to the pressure-induced polymerization of molecular acetylene C2H2 to polyacetylene, C22- units are expected to polymerize - within the matrix of countercations - into polyanionic chain, ribbon and layer moieties. This would add a new feature to carbon chemistry, and materials containing or consisting of polymeric carbon anions can be expected to display interesting optical and electron transport properties. The ultimate goal of our research is the validation of polyanionic carbides as a class of chemical compounds and to provide new understanding into the origin of the different chemistry of carbon and its heavier congeners Si, Ge, and Sn where the occurrence of polymeric anions is widespread. I lecturing at courses like basic inorganic chemistry, symmetry and bonding, water chemistry, materials chemistry.

My administrative duties involves: Head of the department[]&aq=[[{%22author%22%3A%22Svensson%22}]]&aq2=[[{%22dateIssued%22%3A{%22from%22%3A%221990%22%2C%22to%22%3A%222014%22}}%2C{%22organisationId%22%3A%225250%22%2C%22organisationId-Xtra%22%3Atrue}%2C{%22publicationTypeCode%22%3A[%22article%22%2C%22review%22%2C%22comprehensiveLicentiateThesis%22%2C%22manuscript%22%2C%22dissertation%22%2C%22conferenceProceedings%22%2C%22monographDoctoralThesis%22%2C%22comprehensiveDoctoralThesis%22%2C%22conferencePaper%22]}%2C{%22contentTypeCode%22%3A[%22refereed%22]}]]&aqe=[]&noOfRows=50&sortOrder=dateIssued_sort_desc&onlyFullText=false&sf=all&jfwid=1505

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New in-situ neutron diffraction cell for electrode materials: Journal of Power Sources 248 (2014) 900-904 (PDF / 928.1 KB)

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3D Electron Microscopy for Nanostructure Research (3DEM-NATUR)
Period: 1/1/13 - 12/31/17
Svensk sammanfattningProjektet "3D elektronmikroskopi för nanostrukturforskning (3DEM-NATUR)" går ut på att utveckla nya metoder för att studera atomära och mesoskopiska arrangemang i fasta ämnen, på ytor och vid gränsytor. Atomär strukturinformation behövs för att förstå egenskaper och funktioner ...
Carbon membranes from unburned carbon in fly ash for environmental applications
Period: 1/1/09 - 12/31/11
Unburned carbon present in biomass (bagasse) fly ash was found to be a suitable precursor for obtaining activated carbon having a combination of meso and micropores, in the planning grant study carried out by the applicants in 2007. In addition, the oxide constituent in fly ash has been used for ...
Polyanionic forms of carbon
Period: 1/1/13 - 12/31/16
Metaller bildar en mängd slag av föreningar med kol, te.x. metallinterkalerad grafit och fulleréner (fullerider) varav många uppvisar speciella strukturer och egenskaper. Gemensamt för dessa material är elektronöverföringen från en elektropositiv metall till stommen av kol. Till skillnad från de ...
Studies of cobalt based perovskites for cathode materials in solid oxide fuel cells.
Period: 1/1/08 - 12/31/10
This project concerns the systematic search for new cathode electrode materials amoung novel cobalt oxide based perovskites, to be used in solid oxide electrolyte fuel cells (SOFC). A good cathode material for a SOFC should be have high electronic and ionic transport properties, good catalytic ...
The Consortium for Crystal Chemistry, C3
Period: 1/1/12 - 12/31/15
Konsortiet för Kristallkemi C3 Den atomära strukturen hos olika material bär på information om materialens egenskaper. Det viktigaste sättet att få fram strukturell information är att använda sig av diffraktionstekniker där pulver, tunna skikt, eller enkristaller exponeras med röntgenstrålning som ...