Dr Rebecca Adami
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Organisation: Department of Education
Phone: +46 8 16 3819
E-Mail: rebecca.adami@edu.su.se
Website: http://www.edu.su.se
Department of Education, Stockholm University
S-106 91 Stockholm

Dr. Rebecca Adami, PhD, lectures on the MA program in International and Comparative Education and the School Principal Program. She is former Fulbright Scholar at the Department of Arts and Humanities, Teachers College as well as at the Institute for the Study of Human Rights, Columbia University. Her research interest is on the broad study of human rights in the field of philosophy of education. In her PhD thesis, titled “Human Rights Learning: the Significance of Narratives, Relationality and Uniqueness”, Rebecca Adami explored human rights learning through a narrative turn that focus on learners and teachers life stories, drawing on the work of Hanna Arendt and Adriana Cavarero.

Additional research interests:
Rights of the Child and ethics in education
Cosmopolitanism and citizenship education
Leadership studies on Inclusion and Social Justice
Intercultural studies, Diversity and Intersectionality

International peer-reviewed articles:

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Book chapters:

Schumann, C & Adami, R "Feminism and Philosophy of Education", chapter in Stone, Lynda, Macmillan Interdisciplinary Studies: Philosophy Series (accepted and forthcoming)

Schumann, C & Adami, R (2014) "Towards a Critical Cosmopolitanism in Human Rights Learning: The Vienna Conference in 1993", chapter in Papastephanou, M, Strand, T & Pierre, A (Eds.) Philosophy as a Lived Experience. Navigating through dichotomies of thought and action. Berlin: VDM Verlag (IBSN 9783643902900) pp:259-276

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