Dr Maria Andrée
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Organisation: Department of Mathematics and Science Education
Phone: + 46 8 1207 65 94
E-Mail: maria.andree@mnd.su.se
Website: http://www.mnd.su.se/maria
Department of Mathematics and Science Education Stockholm University
106 91 Stockholm

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Research in science education (Department of Mathematics and Science Education)

Research (link to website in Swedish)

My research focuses on cultural perspectives on science education and conditions for students’ participation and learning, particularly in relation to questions of science curriculum, scientific literacy and citizenship. Drawing primarily on Cultural-Historical Activity Theory and socio-cultural theory, I work primarily with ethnographic and design-based research in science classrooms. For an introduction see this video clip.

I am also affiliated as scientific leader to Stockholm Teaching & Learning Studies (STLS). STLS is a platform designed to initiate, support and conduct small-scale classroom-based didactic research on teaching and learning. The research within STLS draw on a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches and aims at contributing to the development of theory relevant to teachers.

I supervise doctoral students working with action research oriented approaches in science and technology education:

Completed supervision:
  • Jens Anker-Hansen (PhD), Assessing Scientific Literacy as Particiapation in Civic Practice. Defense October 2nd, 2015. (Main supervisor).
  • Eva Björkholm (PhD), Konstruktioner som fungerar. Defense September 18th, 2015 (co-supervisor).

Ongoing supervision:

  • Jonna Wiblom, licentiate thesis, socio-scientific issues relating to health and lifestyle in upper-secondary school Biology. Planned defense spring 2017. (co-supervisor)
  • Kerstin Danckwart-Lillieström, licentiate thesis, creative drama in upper-secondary school Chemistry education. Planned defense spring 2018.(main supervisor)

A selection of recent publications

I am elected Treasurer of IOSTE (International Organisation for Science and Technology Education) for the period 2016-2018. IOSTE was established to advance the cause of education in science and technology as a vital part of the general education of the peoples of all countries and to provide scholarly exchange and discussion in the field of science and technology education.

Debate on teacher professional development in Almedalen, summer 2014. Read an article about it or watch it on SU-play (in Swedish).

Open lecture on imagination, play and science learning, spring 2013, watch the lecture on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClAuRe-LxLM (in Swedish).

Link to research presentation in Swedish: http://www.mnd.su.se/forskning/forskare/maria-andrée/maria-andrée-1.162863

CV and list of publications Dec 2016.pdf (PDF / 1.09 MB)
Öppen föreläsning om fantasi, lek och lärande i naturvetenskaplig undervisning (PDF / 596.0 KB)

Projects (7)
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Assessing scientific literacy as readiness to deal with civic issues concerned with science
Project leader: Dr Jens Anker-Hansen
Period: 3/22/11 - 3/22/15
Studies have shown that people does not necessarily apply science learnt in scholastic environment in their everyday civic (or professional) life. Use of science in everyday civic life would consequently benefit from being assessed in contexts that are as similar to everyday civic life as possible. ...
Learning, interactive technologies and the development of narrative knowing and remembering (LINT)
Project leader: Prof Per-Olof Wickman
Period: 1/1/10 - 10/22/13
The main ambition of the project is to study how practices of learning and remembering are transformed through the use of technologies. My work within the project focuses on learning and remembering in inquiry-based science classrooms practices in elementary and middle school.The project is ...
Network: Cultural, social and political perspectives on science education – a Nordic network
Project leader: Dr Maria Andrée
Period: 11/30/12 - 12/31/14
This is a projectthat aims at initiating and establishing a Nordic network for researchers interested in cultural, social and political perspectives on science education.The research field science education has for a long time been characterized by an interest for students’ development of ...
Network: The network for research on literacy practices
Project leader: Dr Maria Andrée
Period: 1/1/09 - 12/31/11
I participate in the national network Literacy Practices financed by the Swedish research council. This network is intended to be a continuous meeting place for knowledge exchange relating to research results, theory development and methodology.
Recruitment to Science Education: Actors, Initiatives, Messages
Project leader: Dr Maria Andrée
Period: 9/1/10
This is a project conducted in collaboration with Ph.D. Lena Hansson at Kristanstad University, Sweden.Background and aimYoung people’s interest in pursuing science and science-intense educations has been expressed for years as a concern often put in relation to societal, economic and democratic ...
School Subjects as Cultures of Knowledge - PhD project
Project leader: Dr Maria Andrée
Period: 1/1/01 - 3/30/07
My dissertation is titled 'The Lived Curriculum'. This was a study of science classroom practices in lower secondary school." was a year-long ethnographic study of conditions for students’ science learning. The study was undertaken in a school characterized by self-regulated learning practices ...