Dr Jens Anker-Hansen
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Organisation: Research in science education (Department of Mathematics and Science Education)
Phone: +46-8-12076943
E-Mail: jensanker.hansen@mnd.su.se
Website: http://www.mnd.su.se/
Arrheniuslab, HusE, Svante Arrhenius v 20A
10691 Stockholm

Further organisations:
Department of Mathematics and Science Education

I work with praxisdeveloping project where I in co-operation with active schoolteachers try to find forms of assessment to evaluate and improve student readiness to deal with situations with a scientific component that student are likely to encounter as citizens. We are trying to make the tasks as authentic as possible and that criteria should reflect what is actually valued in the situations they are trying to emulate.

Project desciption 'Assessing Scientific literacy' (MS-Word / 13.6 KB)

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Assessing scientific literacy as readiness to deal with civic issues concerned with science
Project leader: Dr Jens Anker-Hansen
Period: 3/22/11 - 3/22/15
Studies have shown that people does not necessarily apply science learnt in scholastic environment in their everyday civic (or professional) life. Use of science in everyday civic life would consequently benefit from being assessed in contexts that are as similar to everyday civic life as possible. ...
Network: Cultural, social and political perspectives on science education – a Nordic network
Project leader: Dr Maria Andrée
Period: 11/30/12 - 12/31/14
This is a projectthat aims at initiating and establishing a Nordic network for researchers interested in cultural, social and political perspectives on science education.The research field science education has for a long time been characterized by an interest for students’ development of ...