Dr Erik Andersson
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Organisation: Stockholm Resilience Centre
Mobile: +46 701 917 185
E-Mail: erik.andersson@stockholmresilience.su.se
Website: http://www.stockholmresilience.org/21/contact/staff/8-17-2012-andersson.html


Erik holds a PhD in natural resource management and systems ecology. His main research interest is in functional landscapes and the spatial framework that influences human interactions with nature. 

On a more theoretical level Erik is interested in and investigates the spatial reality of ecosystem service generation, landscape management and resilience, and the use of functional profiling to characterise and assess multifunctional landscapes. In practice, and being an ornithologist and outdoors recreationist by heart, much of Erik's field work has been in the form of bird surveys of various designs and for different purposes. These have been coupled and complemented by different spatial analyses and landscape assessments. Though an ecologist by training and inclination, Erik has worked across disciplines to seek the answers to real world problems and needs. 

So far, most of Erik´s work has been carried out in Sweden, either in urban, agricultural or forest systems. It has dealt with the causes and consequences of human management of ecosystems and to some extent the looming changes that may come with a changing climate.