Prof Robert Erikson
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Organisation: Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI)
Phone: +468162093
Swedish Institute for Social Research Stockholm University
10691 Stockholm

My research interests concern social stratification, education, family, and health, especially the study of individual change over the life course and how it can be understood with regard to individual and structural conditions. My publications have foremost been in the fields of social stratification and mobility, educational attainment, and individual well-being. Presently I am engaged in a comparative study of "Social origins, cognitive ability and educational attainment" .

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Contracts (4)
Economic Change, Quality of Life and Social Cohesion
Period: 9/1/05 - 8/31/10
The network will mobilise and develop research expertise across Europe on economic change, quality of life and social cohesion. It will stimulate high quality comparative European research on social cohesion and its determinants; encourage the development of additional research centres; provide an ...
Education and Life Chances
Period: 1/1/11 - 12/31/13
Why does education have a strong correlation with occupation, income, health and longevity? In this project we will try to distinguish between explanations suggested in the literature. These include the human capital hypothesis, whereby individuals through education become more productive and ...
European Socio-Economic Classification
Period: 10/1/04 - 9/30/06
Comparative analysis of many aspects of the quality of life and of social cohesion, for example health, living conditions and economic situation of Europe's population, seeking to understand variation between member states, is hampered by the lack of an agreed, harmonised and validated ...
Social stratification and life chances
Period: 1/1/07 - 12/31/09
It is well known that there are considerable differences in length of life between people in different stratification layers. Those with higher education, higher income and from higher social classes live longer than others. Several explanations to this observation have been suggested, e.g. style ...