Action research in mathematics education
Person photo Dr Lisa Björklund Boistrup
Department of Mathematics and Science Education

One of my fields of research is to perform participatory action research together with teachers. In the uploaded reports you can read about projects on feedback and communication in mathematics classrooms (in Swedish).

Below are links to other texts deriving from action resarch projects (in Swedish):
Bjud in eleverna att påverka sin matematikundervisning:

Tystnad - ett didaktiskt verktyg i matematikundervisningen

Att fokusera elevernas matematiska fokus

Linköping HT13.pdf (PDF / 3.28 MB)
Linköpingrapport HT12 ny.pdf (PDF / 2.24 MB)
Linköpingsrapporten VT13 ny.pdf (PDF / 3.03 MB)
Norrköpingsrapport HT13.pdf (PDF / 956.7 KB)
Norrköpingsrapporten HT12 ny.pdf (PDF / 5.64 MB)
Norrköpingsrapporten VT13 ny.pdf (PDF / 1.24 MB)

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Dr Eva Norén
My research focuses on mathematics education in multilingual mathematics classrooms. One premise is that students are used to learn in their mother tongue and that mother tongue will be a resource in their continuing mathematical learning. Another starting point is language development work in ...